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Innovative Grants
The Northville Educational Foundation (NEF) is excited about our tenth year of funded Innovative Grants for NPS educators and students.

For the 2018-19 school year, NEF awarded 45 teachers and 24 projects across the district, with Innovative Grants totaling $30,000. To see a list of this year's teachers and projects, click here.

The 2018-19 application window closed November 19th and will re-open for new applications in the Fall 2019.

Are you an NPS educator with an idea that will:
  • have a positive impact on students?
  • enhance their learning experience?
  • be creative and innovative?
  • require extra funding not available from other sources?

We encourage you to consider applying for a 2019-20 Innovative Teaching Grant! Click on the icons to the right or the following links to get started:


- Applications Available: end of August, 2019.
- Submission Deadline: mid-November, 2019.
- Successful Applicants Notified: early December, 2019.
- Funds available for disbursement: same as Notification Date

- Grant implementation period: Notification Date–early May, 2020
- Final Report with Budget Summary due by: mid-May, 2020 or earlier. No exceptions.

Since 2010, the Northville Educational Foundation (NEF) has awarded over $195,000 in Innovative Grant funding to NPS teachers. This year, NEF awarded 45 teachers and 24 projects across the district with Innovative Grants totaling $30,000.

To see the list of other past winners and projects, click below.
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