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Innovative Grants
The Northville Educational Foundation (NEF) is excited to announce our twelfth year of funded Innovative Grants for NPS educators and students.

Are you an NPS educator with an idea that will:
  • have a positive impact on students?
  • enhance their learning experience?
  • be creative and innovative?
  • require extra funding not available from other sources?

We encourage you to consider applying for an Innovative Teaching Grant! Click on the icons to the right or the following links to get started:
NOTE: The application is a fillable PDF. Please save it to your hard drive and then open it from your hard drive before filling it out. ​

- Applications Available:  NOW!
- Submission Deadline: October 9, 2020
- Successful Applicants Notified: November 2020
- Funds available for use: as soon as they are awarded

- Grant implementation period: Award Day–May 17, 2021
- Final Report with Budget Summary due by: May 17, 2021 or earlier. No exceptions.

Since 2010, the Northville Educational Foundation (NEF) has awarded around $230,000 in Innovative Grant funding to NPS teachers. For 2019-20, NEF awarded 34 teachers and 23 projects across the district with Innovative Grants totaling $30,000.

To see the list of other past winners and projects, click below.
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Click here for Google form version of application.
Click here to download a grant budget template.